the buzz word of the moment.  circumcision.  ok, so if you thought convincing people to use condoms each and every time they have sex was hard, what more trying to convince men (men!) to have their foreskin removed, and they still have to use condoms anyway – after all, circumcision is not an invisible condom.  So – as i’ve been trying to get my head around this for awhile – we’re basically asking grown men to do this but still use condoms and cut their risk of HIV infection by 60%?  Now, obviously, as i’ve stated already, i’m not an expert, but i’m not convinced this is an easy sell.

from a woman’s point of view, i’m all for circumcised men – i think they’re great!  but i’ll leave it at that, least one of my parents decides to read my blog.  so maybe using the age old tactic of the sexual benefits of circumcision might be the unique selling point for this ‘product’ – and it does make putting on a condom slightly easier.

i have to admit, i’m interested in seeing how this plays out.  the good thing is the younger generation might be getting the message – my friend’s son, who’s about eight, said he wants to be circumcised so that he won’t get HIV.