welcome to my blog! i’m working on some really exciting projects that i definitely want to share with the world. but i also want to share some of my opinions of what’s going on in the HIV/AIDS world, as a young African woman who has lost a best friend, an uncle, and two brothers to HIV/AIDS i do have an opinion that’s not always politically correct to voice out.

i am very passionate about my work and indeed this issue, so i apologise now if i get a bit too opinionated – and i’ll try not to offend anyone. remember these are just my opinions, and unlike Kanye West, i don’t think i’m God and i can keep my opinions to the correct forum to air them – i.e. my blog.

and for any academics or HIV/AIDS professionals, i’m not an expert on this issue – i might fancy myself an expert on how to communicate them to young people – but i’m not an expert on the issues nor epidemiology.