It’s all about sexual networks at the moment. do you know who’s in your sexual network? do you know that if one person is infected in your sexual network then you and everyone else in your network is at risk (if you’re having unprotected sex)? and the best one yet – when you have unprotected sex with someone, you’ve having sex with all their partners and all their partners partners.
so here in the UK one of the pharmacies here have set up an online sexual calculator, so you can see how many people you’ve had sex with – indirectly (think six degrees of separation, but around sexual partners). the problem with it is that for some people the calculations see a bit far fetched (a friend of mine did it and it said he’d had sex with over 9 million people!). and it doesn’t really tell you how it worked it out either…
but give it a go because if nothing else, it’s fun – and you can publish it on facebook (of course)! though we really do need (young) people to understand the whole concept of sexual networks and the risks. mtv – not the business unit i’m in – did a show that showed that between a group of eight friends they’d slept with over 200 people and inadvertently with each other because of their sexual networks. scary thought.
get calculating: