The longer I work in this field, the more I wonder if people really are serious about stemming the spread of HIV. I think there are a lot of committed individuals, but the reality is, if you’re not willing to talk about sex, how are you going to make a meaningful impact or change? I’m sure we’d like to believe young people aren’t having sex, but clearly that’s not the reality – at least not for a lot of young people.
If we – and by we, I really refer to some of the more traditional, established funders and NGOs – aren’t willing to talk about sex and normalise it, how will young people learn about sex in way that is safe and non-judgemental? And that it is a very natural part of life, but can and should be done with responsibility?
Besides, if you try and do a tv programme that deals with the sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS but you don’t want to ‘talk’ about sex, then the young people won’t watch it anyway!
And then it is still questioned why only 40% of young people have accurate knowledge on HIV prevention and transmission….hmmmmm