Using celebrities in social campaigns is always a risk. Celebrities in essence are hit and miss, especially when targeting young people. Young people aren’t stupid they want authenticity. But the problem is that those types of celebrities are usually really old – they don’t necessarily appeal to young people. Or young people want to see the big names, the Beyonce’s of the world. Hmmm, think of your not for profit budget for flying Beyonce and her glam squad, manager, assistant, her riders etc to some remote place… yeah not sure about that.
But sometimes you get a celebrity who isn’t superstar quality but has his own following and just interested in doing their bit in the fight.
So this year Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes ended his journey with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, by producing a track will all proceeds from the sale going to raise much needed funds for the Foundation.
You can hear it and donate for it here: