The devastation that has struck the world’s poorest country is truly horrific. The earthquake that has claimed the lives of many in Haiti has caused untold destruction that will take the already struggling nation, years to rebuild.
It does break my heart whenever some sort of disaster strikes and while I know that many people are questioning where God is in all this, I still believe that He too is shedding a tear for Haiti and I will continue to pray for them.
Sometimes I wish I was mega rich so that I could have the resources to hand to help, but I’m not, so I donate the little I can. If you want to donate there are many places to donate – I went to to help Haitian born Wyclef with his efforts. It doesn’t matter where you donate, just do something. If we all do something small we can make a big change.
Maybe these things happen to remind us of our responsibility as humans to care for one another and that there is still some humanity in us when we do respond and make a difference.