Last week my relative who is not open with their HIV status was admitted into hospital. I was really concerned because their health had been up and down. Every time my phone notified me that I had an SMS my heart skipped a beat. For good reason too. Last year when my brother passed away, I was sent a text message informing me that he’d died. At the time I never thought about how insensitive and thoughtless it was, but in retrospect I do wonder what people think when they decide to inform you of such information via text message.
I suppose no one things about it, and then you have to have enough phone credit to make an international call as opposed to sending a text… Anyway, that’s kind of now made me dreadful every time a relative is in hospital and an SMS comes in.

Thankfully my relative has been diagnosed and can be treated for the illness he currently has, so I can breathe a little bit easier when a text message comes in now.