Sex and the City 2 came out tonight and my girlfriend Rachelle got tickets to an Diet Coke/ASOS special screening at Westfields tonight. I was exhausted but not wanting to leave my friend in the lurch I went. I’m not particularly a major nor obsessed SATC fan, but thought why not – bound to be good shoes in it and we can always do with a girlie flick.
I’m glad that I went. Despite the reviews or previews I’ve been reading, I actually enjoyed it. The first SATC was a bit sad and not particularly female empowering, this one really was, plus the shoes and clothes were amazing. I couldn’t help wonder who actually can wear heels 24/7 like they did (I suppose New Yorker women?) but I could dream of the day I could wear my choos or Louboutains the whole day. Oh yeah, it’s a movie, but one can still dream.
And change several times in one day – love it! I did think Samantha’s overly sexual ways were too much, i mean damn, she’s always in heat! Well at least they clearly showed she’s a firm believer in safe sex.
Afterwards, Rachelle and I caught up over a couple of glasses of champagne – 2 hours later we realised we’d only had 2 glasses each! It’d been awhile since we actually talked so guess that’s what happens when you’re chatting and last orders came and went without us noticing. Oh well.
I do recommend SATC for a girly night out – no one really expects to take it seriously, but its one of those films that you have to watch and appreciate, if not just for the amazing shoes. But I would like to know when I can plan a trip to Abu Dhabi – not that it was filmed there, still…