So I’ve been away. My ten day whirlwind trip, followed up by a few days back in London chilling, was desperately needed. I needed to go away to clear my head and refocus – I find I need to do this more often.

My holiday was amazing though. The whole point of it was to celebrate my cousin’s daughter (in Zambia she’s my niece, but I guess in the west she’s my second cousin) 21st birthday. It actually started with a party here in London, but due to my travelling from Vienna to South Africa and the insane hours I was working, I was sick and unable to attend.

The first part was in Cancun. I had my reservations about going to Cancun because my Mexican spanish tutor had told me about what a tourist destination it was and it being a bad representation of Mexico. The heat was the first thing that hit me in Cancun. I couldn’t wait to get into the ocean! It was amazing. I spent the 3 nights I was there on the beach, snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking and generally lazying about. It was definitely what my spirit and body needed.

Then a few of us – including my good friend and cousins – went on to Las Vegas for another 7 days. Vegas was even hotter than Cancun! In Vegas, we spent a hell of a lot of time (and money) shopping. But what can I say, shopping in Vegas is good. I worried about being overweight on the flight, but thankfully I was good. I’m very happy about the new babies (shoes) I have to add to the family.

Back in London, trying to get over my jet lag, I’ve spent some quality time with myself. And then went with a friend to do a 6 hour intensive bootcamp – yes, I am crazy. Body is stiff and sore, but my mind is relaxed and focused. I feel mentally better than I have in ages – gotten rid of the external thoughts and starting to listen to what my soul is saying.

I’m actually looking forward to the future and welcoming new opportunities. I’m also ready to deal with the work at hand and getting it all done – it does mean that I have a week of late nights ahead, but after that, I’ll have caught up with all I need to do and ready to start focusing on our next big thing! Or things.

I’m back now and will resume blogging and hopefully keep you abreast of new and exciting developments. And always, if you want to know what I’m up to – follow me @cathyphiri

Until next time.