I finally got round to reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. I’ve had the book for ages, but never really read it, never found the time to do so. Luckily enough I was flying from Zambia back to the uK and my ipod was broken! Anyway I probably read it at the right time, as I try to figure out, with the new year, where my future is going.

It made me realise that I do need to figure out what my personal legend is (which i think i know what it is) and make it happen. The book goes on to say that when you decide to follow your personal legend the universe conspires to make it happen, as long as you pay attention to the omens. As a reflective person, I felt I knew spot on what he was talking about. The last few months have been full of omens and signs. Things that I probably would have ignored if I hadn’t started thinking about my future.

And now that I’ve made the decision to follow my personal legend, I feel relaxed, happy and at peace. So well I’m going to carry on blogging about the issues I’m passionate about, sexual health and women’s issues, I’m also going to blog about my journey of listening to my heart and following my dreams. Hope you’re ready for the journey!