I’d like to say that I have been super busy on my route to discovering my personal legend, sadly that wouldn’t be true. I have been dreaming about my personal legend more than actually trying to walk the route to it. I guess this is what so many people do, why so few people truly find success, spending more time day dreaming than doing.

My personal life is run very differently from my professional life. But since I am somewhat successful in my professional life I have decided to apply some techniques that have made me successful. The most obvious one being planning. Ok, I’m not so great with planning, but I’m getting there. I figured now, more than ever I need a plan, at least a short term one.

To add to my organisation, or to take that first step in my planning, I signed up for the project management software tool, Huddle, managing your life is like managing a project after all. If you know what the goal is, you can figure out the steps to get there. SImple right?

If only. But I believe a step, any step, is better than none. So I’ve created a spreadsheet, I’ve done a document with comparisons and a checklist. It’s not all that I need, but it’s a start. And that’s the important thing to remember. There will be detours. The sofa will feel better than going out in the cold, the TV show will be more inviting than reading that book that will guide you. The detours aren’t going anywhere, we’ll have to try to resist them, but when we don’t, we can’t beat ourself up about it. At least you made a start. Of course the more detours you take, the longer it’ll take to reach your goal, your personal legend.

Tomorrow is a new day and a step in the direction of this personal legend of mine. I can’t wait.