I wouldn’t necessarily call myself religious, but I am spiritual. What I mean by that is that it’s important to feed our spirits, to keep them healthy, it is after all, the essence of our being.

When I say I’m not religious, what I mean is that I don’t go to church much, but I do have a bible and believer in prayer.

I find that when I’m struggling with something, I commit it to prayer and I believe God responds or answers prayers through speaking to our spirits and/or through actions around us. Now that I’m going through all these changes and just trying to really take my life forward, I really need to have my spirit, or God speak to me and guide me in the decisions that I make.

While in Kenya, I met a friend of my mentee who told me about a time in his life when he felt he was stuck, in life, in his career. He committed it to prayer and fasting. A week later he knew he had to quit his job and started his own company. A year later he is happier than he’s ever been. He works longer and harder than he ever has, but he is happy. And he puts it down to the week he spent fasting and prayer to seek clarity and guidance.

That’s what I’m now looking for clarity, guidance and comforting my soul/spirit. Sometimes, people look on the outside and think you have it all figured out. But when the act starts cloudy reality, that’s when you know you need to look inwards and above for spiritual clarity and cleansing. Because the act gets tired and weighs you down.

With so many changes going on in my life, it’s important that I am in the right place mentally, physically and spiritually. With that in mind I’ve decided to commit to fasting and prayer. But I’m going to do something different for me, I’m not going to go extreme and over the top. I’ve never done this before, so rather than doing a week long fast, I’m going to do two and gradually build up to a week.

It will test me as well, especially because of my love of food. But who said everything in life was easy? Wish me luck. Maybe I’ll throw in some yoga too… though that might really be asking too much of me.