With just over four more weeks until I’m heading back to Zambia, I’m beginning to feel the pressure. I still haven’t identified a shipping company, my brother said he’d help me because I couldn’t select a company just based on nice website and good price (er, what else should I be looking for?). And well the different companies have told me it will take about 60 days to get to Lusaka, but now I’ve been hearing horror stories of containers arriving five months later! Not sure I can live without all my shoes for five months, what if I need a pair?

So that’s my biggest headache right now. I’ve pretty much cancelled all my services – thankfully did it this week, as most of them required 30 days notice! Actually that’s just my media services… still that’s done, just gas/electric and council tax. Yay, the to-do list is getting smaller. But the most important stuff is still on the list.

I’ve had my wardrobe cleansed (love that term) and now know what missing items I need before I move to more conservative Zambia – blouses! I didn’t realise how obsessed I was with vests until I did this. Two days later, I had a fashion emergency and had to buy a top – because I was already out of the house, and guess what I bought? A vest! lol.

Going through all my clothes, I realised I don’t have an outfit for this kitchen party I’m going to next week, none of my chitenge outfits fit me! To be fair I haven’t worn any in like 2 years, I rarely go to Zambian events. So it was a great excuse to buy two more dresses today – I had to have options 🙂

Ok shopping was a great distraction, will have to get back to the to-do list tomorrow. Still have to launch my project with MTV too. Aaaah the pressure…