I’m always telling people that they should live life with no regrets. Life is about living and enjoying the moments in them. Yet, I seem continously haunted by my past. Maybe I’m too harsh on myself, and too unforgiving, because no one is perfect, we’ve all done stuff in our life that we’re not proud of or wish we hadn’t done. But the real problem comes when we let it consume who we are as a person today. Or if we don’t learn and repeat the same mistakes.

People always say that I have EI, because I’m reflective and empathetic. Kind of true I guess, and the empathy goes against the Type A personality other people say that I am (therefore I’m going to say that maybe I’m not Type A – oh well). But I read somewhere that to encourage our more emotional side – the healthy side that keeps us optimistic and positive – we need to change the way we think about situations. Rather than get down about an event or a situation, we should flip it to something more positive and that will change how we view and feel about the situation and keep us happy.

There is some truth in that. Think about it, when you have negative thoughts about a situation, it just makes the situation worse. But it is easier said than done. I also think this is why it’s so important to surround yourself with friends and family who uplift you. People you can trust to have your best interest at heart. So when you’re feeling like beating yourself up, there’s someone to remind you about the positive things in life, and your own best attributes. Call them your cheerleaders if you will. I think we all need them.