Sometimes do you wonder if this is all there is? Let me put it another way, last night as I sat with my sisters and friends at a bar chatting away, I suddenly felt very lonely.

Not only had I had to more or less bribe everyone to come out with me – I agreed to pick up the tab, but then they all rushed home to … well something else I get. As I rode home alone, I realised how the location might have changed but I still feel as lonely as I did in the UK.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy I made the transition and I’m loving being around my family, and especially my nieces, but …

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my personality. Because I don’t truly open up to people, how can I ever not be lonely?

Despite this, I’m still counting my blessings, I am content, if not happy, and surely that’s all that matters?