I was excited about coming back to work with my siblings, but who knew it would be so challenging! After spending the last eight years seeing my family maybe once a year for no more than a couple of weeks, I made the very conscious decision to move back to Zambia so I could spend more time with my family.

That decision also meant working with my family to develop our family businesses. As I’ve mentioned before I am from a family of over-achievers, they are extremely intelligent and talented in many different ways. You can see where my problems might be…

My other decision was to really start focusing on my future, done with paying rent, so saving to build a house means that I’m staying at my parents home – out in the farm. Seems most of my siblings had this plan too. If you hadn’t seen where I was going before, you must definitely do now.

In short, I work and live with my siblings. I see them day in and day out. Having spent eight years abroad, I don’t particularly have many friends, so pretty much my whole life revolves around my family. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder – which is probably why I wanted to move home. And now of course I tend to think more about familiarity breeding contempt. Ok maybe not that extreme. I still love my family. But I guess we need to figure out how to not spend so much time together. But in the meantime we need to learn to stop bickering.

Everyone who meets us or works with us thinks we’re a great team to work with, so we can be great as soon as we learn to enjoy working and living together. Or the other siblings move out of the farm, because I ain’t going now (though lack of dedicated space for my shoes is very tempting for me to move out…)