I’ve finally had enough of the bad service and the lack of customer care in Lusaka, so I’ve decided I’m going to start writing about my experiences in a hope that people will start sharing their experiences too and owners/managers will start paying attention and do something about it.

Tonight, after a hectic day at work, we headed to Manda Hill – the local shopping mall – to get pizza for the kids (Mary’s – my sister), I decided I needed to get some food for myself too, and after much deliberation, figured I’d grab something from Nandos.

Wanted to order chicken in pita bread but they didn’t have pita bread, so I opted for chicken livers and roll for Mary, and a chicken burger and chips for myself.

After I placed my order, off I went to the sweet shop next door to buy the kids a treat. 10 minutes later I was back in Nandos waiting for my order. I wouldn’t have minded the additional wait, if it wasn’t that the kids – they are 5 and 6 – were getting antsy. I go to the counter to see how far the food was from being ready, just to see that they were only starting to prepare the food there and then!

I was livid. I told them to forget about the chips as I needed to go. The lady blantantly ignored me, which of course angered me even more – and with screaming kids in the back (if you have 5 year old kids, or have met Mary’s bunch, you understand) – and led me to have a ‘n*gga moment’ as I began yelling over the counter to leave the chips and just give me my burger! (I can laugh at the situation now – but I don’t appreciate being driven to such ghetto standards)

Of course she just ignored me and finally brought me the food, practically throwing it at me and not a word of apology. Which of course set me off too (ok to be honest I’d been having a really bad day, so the screaming kids, and this attitude, really pushed me over the edge, oh and i feel like i’m coming down with a cold).

I berated her for her poor service and how when they could see I was with little kids they could take so long to make the food. She blamed the kitchen staff, who clearly were just standing around doing, well, I have no idea what. Regardless, she was the frontline staff so of course she was going to get the blame and hopefully she would think to pass this along to the rest of the staff – probably not, instead she probably called me 10001 names under the sun.

And then I got home and we found that the chicken livers didn’t even come with the roll! KMT.

So sucked on the service delivery, sucked on the customer response.