I know nothing in life is ever simple and certainly something worth having is worth working for. But really, does it always have to be this hard?

There are many reasons why I decided leaving my life in the UK to move back home would be a good thing for me, one of it was to be able to share my successes and challenges with the people closet to me, my family.

When you live abroad, away from your family, you find that your challenging or troubling moments are the hardest because you have to go through them all alone, no one to share the burden or assist you. Even as a ‘strong’ woman, it sometimes seems like the only solution is to quit and cut your losses.

I got tired of fighting, in fact it felt like I was always fighting, something or someone.

I thought I would be free from that feeling of being all alone and doing it all by yourself. But that was obviously very naive of me. The reality is that once we become grown ups we do have to fight our own battles and put out our own flames – yes some people are lucky to have others to help them do that, but by and by we have to do it ourselves.

Knowing this doesn’t make it easier, but it was just something I had to get off my chest!