The last 10 days has been a nightmare for me that has stressed me out no end and cost me a serious amount of cash! Relocation is an effort. But at least that part is sorted and ‘the patron’ as my car is affectionally known as, has arrived.

That done I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (until my shipment with the rest of my stuff from London arrives next month!) and I’m back to focussing on the things that make me happy – i.e. my work.

So much is going on, we announced the cast for Shuga: Love, Sex, Money – check it out:

And the shoot is actually starting – two years after the 1st season aired! It’s really exciting. Plus we have two of Africa’s hottest artists making a special appearance – sorry my lips are sealed!

While we’re at it, in Zambia, Media 365 is about to launch an exciting campaign for UNICEF, I’m actually looking forward to it – countdown is T-minus 7 days! Right now a few Zambian celebrities are recording a track specifically for this – in Zambia, we do like campaign songs for everything! But I can’t talk about it until the 15th but since I’ll be crazy busy, you’ll have to wait until the 16th.

I’d like to share more but now I have to go and make sure that the branding will work for the new venue for this launch event while the rest of the team finalise the guestlist. Not to mention I have to supervise another shoot… though my D.O.P is missing in action. Aaaah creatives, they are indeed special people… I just have to find the patience for him today – I guess no one told him I’m not a morning person so better not to annoy me in the morning.

Ok let me focus on the positive stuff for now!