Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear India launch-1

Last month, or maybe it was the month before, I was lucky enough to be given the Samsung Note and Gear to test for a 10 day period by KPR Consulting.

This seemed like an exciting opportunity, I mean who wouldn’t want to test out a phone that costs like K6,000 (circa $1,000) before committing to it?

The packaging was bliss. It seems silly to get excited by packaging but definitely in Zambia, retailers underestimate the value of packaging. I remember when I bought my Beats by Dre earphones, it was the packaging that spoke to me – it was a hell of a lot of packaging for the small dinky thing, but it made it all that more special, more treasured.

So this box that looked like an actual wooden box was pleasantly starring at me, I couldn’t wait to open it and marvel at the beauty that was to be contained within it. With that packaging, it had to be a beauty inside right?

And it was. Ok I’m getting my head round the fact that we’re doing a 180 (or is it 360?) and we’re moving away from the smallest phone ever to these big things again that don’t fit so nicely into my evening clutch. But how else can you take great selfies if not on a nice big screen?

I was excited to try it out. Just a few problems occurred. I didn’t have a micro sim (being a blackberry die hard) and all my contacts were on my blackberry (I had yet to discover intouch – thank you to my geeky bestie for telling me about that great app!).

So my user experience with the phone was limited, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day for me to go and get a micro sim. So I sent my driver, but then I couldn’t inserted it properly… sigh. But finally I focused and went to Manda Hill myself and had it properly inserted!

Still after that, I didn’t find myself using it. There was the odd occasion that I left my blackberry in the office – very strange for me – so then I got to use the Samsung and that was pretty cool – people thought I was pretty cool too for having one. It seems our phones are still an extension of who we are as people!

I’m also a bit rubbish in that I hate reading manuals so need to have an easy learning curve for me to use any gadget. So while I was excited taking notes at a meeting I went to with the stylus and all, I couldn’t figure out how to find the note again! Doh! But I loved the idea of a handwritten note in my phone! (The little things excite me).

To be honest the only thing I got round to using the gear for was to count my steps.

It was a handy gadget in that respect, especially if you’re trying to keep healthy, ok lose weight. I’m sure it had other great things it could do, but it was too bulky for me to use as a watch and using it for making calls and taking pictures just seemed a bit too James Bond esque for me. I’m a simple girl really.

So while I didn’t get to test everything that is great or not about the Samsung Note, the ease of using it made me question whether I really should stay team blackberry. When I found a phone in my swag bag at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards I was thrilled. It wasn’t a Samsung, but another Android phone.

Thanks to my minimal experience with the Note, I’m totally team android now!

p.s. Samsung, KPR Consulting, I’d be more than happy for you to gift me a free phone too 😀