I love Zambia.  No, really I do.  But sometimes, stuff happens that makes you question the economical imbalance of this country, and what they think of us.  Can you imagine being in a club in Lagos and not hearing a Naija song?  Maybe it happens but because they have a thriving nightlife you can easily just avoid those spots if you choose.

Last Friday, I was out with 10 girlfriends celebrating one of our girlfriend’s achievement (emancipation I say), and after a great dinner at Urban Yard (their pizza is so good!), we decided we wanted to go dancing, and the girlfriend said she wanted to go to Capones.

I had been there two weeks previously, with a friends, including a former MP, and we were in the VIP area.   We had a bottle of wine and a couple of beers, and left soon after because we were tired.

So Friday, I called the owner and told him we wanted to be in the VIP, was that all good?  Yep, he said, no problem.

Well the problems started as soon as we sat down.  First of all, those chairs are the most uncomfortable chairs ever – it’s a struggle to get out of them, so you end up having to sit on the edge and even then…

Then the waitress comes – we order a bottle of wine and some cocktails.  Nope, she says, ‘you need to order a bottle of champagne or bottle of whisky if you want to sit here’.  No and no I say.  Let me speak to the manager I insist.

End up arguing with the manager, and I was ‘like this is ridiculous, I was here two weeks ago and ordered wine.  Imma call your boss’ and he was like – whatever, fine – have your wine.

I still text the boss who was like ‘yes that’s the rule’, despite the fact that a month previously he had told my girlfriend and I that people had it all wrong about VIP, “you don’t need to order a bottle just call ahead”.  Yeah he thinks I was too drunk to remember! LOL.

Anyway, he sends me a text saying “Relax, be a lover not a fighter, life is so sweet’.  Sexist much?  I was livid.  I would have left there and then except the girls were having fun and the wine had been ordered.

But we just couldn’t do the chairs so moved out of VIP.  Where we had way more fun… for a minute.

The music started out ok, then it got to be like ‘really?  We’re in Zambia, Africa, can we get some Zambian, or even African music?’.  I think I requested it 3 times at the DJ booth.  When JK, Slap Dee, CQ walked in, I thought, oh maybe now we’ll get local music since these artists are here – isn’t that what they do in normal places?   Gosh, what was I thinking – this is Zambia!

At this point I’m just furious at the whole thing – why am I here?  I asked myself.  I look around at the crowd (and there was a lot of them) of dark faces, and wondered why any of us were there.  I asked Slap – why are you in a place that won’t support local music?

I’m sure they all thought I was drunk and angry – ok the angry part I was.  Angry because I felt I had been treated like a ‘little’ girl from the moment I walked in and I was just done with it at that point – I suppose being with the former MP helped last time, probably thinking we were his girlfriends.  I’m just not about that life – at all.  I’m not a little girl, don’t talk to me like one, and don’t treat me like one.  And make your damn policy clear so that we can choose where and how we want to spend our money.

I’m sure everyone has had a different experience of Capones, and yes I know that I can be sensitive about ish, but I decided that night that I wasn’t spending any more of my money there – it won’t make a difference in their books, but I’ll feel better about it.  Now I just need to find a new spot to go dancing… or open my own joint (one day).